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You know what’s great about America? Driving cars on the interstate, that’s what. The feeling you get when it’s just you, your car, and a long stretch of highway, is almost indescribable.

If you’re fortunate enough to have experienced the freedom of the open road, you get it — in this setting, the music you play in the car takes on new dimensions.

Novo Amor is apparently no stranger to long car rides. And it’s clear that not every road trip is a joy ride. Driving to see people we love can span the full range of human emotion. Sometimes we’re excited to get where we’re going. Sometimes we’re grieving. Sometimes we’re anxious. It all depends.

The “State Lines” song meaning is appears to be deeply rooted in the exploration of love, longing, and the impact of distance on a relationship. With its ethereal sound and heartfelt lyrics, “State Lines” by Novo Amor tells the story of a narrator who has likely been driving across state lines on road trips to see their significant other, only to find that emotional barriers have grown between them.

The concept of “state lines” serves as a metaphor for physical and emotional distance. 

The lyrics suggest that even though the narrator wants to reconnect and find their way back to the relationship, the distance and time that have passed create a barrier that may be insurmountable.

Ultimately, “State Lines” can be seen as an exploration of the complexities of love and longing, as well as the impact of distance and time on relationships. Like many songs, the meaning is open to interpretation and may resonate differently with each listener based on their own experiences and emotions.

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Lyrics Meaning and Analysis

To fully understand the state lines song meaning, it’s essential to examine the lyrics and their significance. Here are three key quotes from the song and an analysis of what each of them means:

“Cross the state lines, I’ve been driving all night / To see if you’re home, it’s been a long time.”

These lines set the stage for the rest of the song, with the narrator embarking on a journey to see their loved one. The phrase “state lines” symbolizes both the physical distance between the two people and the emotional boundaries that have emerged in their relationship. This quote highlights the longing the narrator feels and their willingness to endure long drives in hopes of rekindling the connection they once had.

“No, I don’t mind the waiting, but it’s hard / ‘Cause you’re changing, you’re changing / And I’m just the same.”

In this part of the song, the narrator acknowledges that their loved one is changing, possibly as a result of the distance and the passage of time. The fact that the narrator remains the same suggests that they are holding onto the memories and emotions associated with their relationship, while their partner has moved on. This line underscores the challenges and emotional strain that distance can create in a relationship.

“And I don’t know why I still write, I don’t know why I still call / ‘Cause I never seem to get through the walls.”

Towards the end of the song, the narrator grapples with their continued efforts to reach out to their loved one despite the emotional barriers that have been established. These lines reveal the narrator’s struggle to accept the reality that the relationship may be over, and the longing to break through the “walls” that have grown between them.

Lyrics for State Lines by Novo Amor
Lyrics for State Lines by Novo Amor

Artist Background

Novo Amor is the stage name of Ali Lacey, a talented Welsh singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer known for his dreamy, atmospheric sound and delicate falsetto vocals. Born in Cardiff, Wales, on August 11, 1991, Lacey began his musical journey under the moniker Novo Amor, which translates to “new love” in Portuguese. His music is often classified as indie folk or alternative folk, with influences from ambient and dream pop genres.

Throughout his career, Lacey has collaborated with various artists, such as Ed Tullett, Gia Margaret, and Hailaker. His music has also been featured in numerous television shows, films, and commercials, further solidifying his influence in the music industry.

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