Meaning of “Mary on a Cross” by Ghost

Mary on a Cross by Ghost

Have you ever listened to Ghost’s song “Mary on a Cross” and wondered what it’s really about? You’re not alone! This catchy tune has a lot of people thinking about its meaning. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the song’s lyrics and discover the secrets they hold. Get your magnifying glass out as we investigate, you’ll have a whole new appreciation for this amazing song, which is our number one goal here at Song Detectives!

The Storytelling Power of Ghost’s Music

Ghost is known for their mysterious and theatrical style. If you didn’t already know, the band members wear masks. Need we say more? If that’s not mysterious enough for you, you’re in luck. The mystique on this band goes to 11, because they use stage names, too, and we love it. They definitely have a talent for telling stories through their music, which is probably why they won a Grammy.

Their lead singer, Papa Nihil, is known for his powerful vocals and eerie presence on stage. The combination of their strong visuals and storytelling prowess has earned them a loyal fanbase, eager to attend concerts and soak in the meaning in their songs. You can learn more about the Ghost from an interview they did back in July 2017.

In “Mary on a Cross,” Ghost weaves a story that explores themes of love that lacks compatibility, sacrifice, and redemption. Get ready to be amazed by the genius of Ghost and their ability to captivate our hearts and minds.

Ghost the band holding a Grammy award
Ghost the band holding a Grammy award

Paradoxical Meanings in the song “Mary on a Cross”

One of the reasons the “Mary on a Cross” song meaning is so intriguing is the title itself. It creates a paradox or a statement that seems to contradict itself. The name “Mary” often brings to mind the Virgin Mary, a symbol of purity in Christianity. However, the idea of her on a cross suggests suffering and sacrifice. This mix of purity and pain catches our attention and makes us want to learn more.

The line “We were speeding together down the dark avenues / But, per aspera, ad astra / I’d like to tell you something, tell you something” speaks of a journey from darkness to light. The Latin phrase “per aspera, ad astra” means “through hardships, to the stars,” which shows that the song’s characters are determined to overcome their challenges. But ya know what? Sometimes you just can’t force it, am I right?

Ghost has masterfully crafted a story that keeps us on our toes, and for that, we thank them. You gotta know when to hold em, know when to fold em, know when to walk away, and when to not jump up on a cross. I have a deeper appreciation for the band’s storytelling talents already, don’t you?

Listen to Mary on a Cross by Ghost

YouTube video embed for the song Mary on a Cross by Ghost.

People often want what they can’t have, why is that?

When we dive further into the “Mary on a Cross” song meaning, we can’t help but notice the theme of forbidden love and desire. These kids gave it a shot, but it just ain’t working out. It’s an eternal tale of on-again off-again relationship drama that’s as old as time itself. Ghost tells a story about a love that just can’t be, maybe because people wouldn’t approve or something else is standing in the way. What is it with people oftentimes wanting what they can’t have?

Check out this intense lyric: “It’s a lonely, lonely time / Swaying in the breeze, like a boat on the sea.” This line shows us the feeling of being all alone and unsure, kind of like a boat bobbing around on the ocean with no map. It means the characters in the song are caught up in their feelings for each other, even though they know it’s not meant to be.

Making deep feelings easy to understand is one of Ghost’s strengths. When we really get the deeper meaning behind these lyrics, we can truly appreciate the creativity and heart that Ghost puts into their songs.

“Mary on a Cross” – Christianity, Crosses, and Incompatibility

The “Mary on a Cross” lyrics connect Christianity and crosses to the theme of incompatibility between two people:

“You go down just like Holy Mary / Mary on a, Mary on a cross / Not just another Bloody Mary / Mary on a, Mary on a cross.”

The song contrasts “Holy Mary” and “Bloody Mary,” reflecting the duality in the characters’ relationship. The cross, symbolizing suffering and redemption, resonates with the idea that sometimes people aren’t meant to be together despite their love. Ghost skillfully weaves spirituality and the struggles of incompatibility into a profound musical experience.

We love Ghost, and we’re guessing you do too. Visit their official website for all things Ghost.

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